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Our Intake 

PVPC provides a personalized experience for our clients with exceptional care and safety being of the utmost importance. We take our roles as caregivers very seriously, therefore certain rules apply if you wish your dog to join our pack.

House Rules:

- Proof of vaccinations are required, as well as flea and tick preventative 

- Dogs must be spayed/neutered to board

- Intact male puppies are welcome on the walking roster until they reach sexual maturity (walking will be suspended afterwards until neutering occurs)

- No issues with aggression towards people or other dogs

- No severe leash reactivity

- No severe resource guarding

- Must be comfortable with transportation to join the walking roster

- If your dog is a heavy puller, we use tools for the safety of our walkers and other clients

- Dogs must be house trained to board (If your dog has the occasional accident, disposable or washable diapers are required)

- No severe separation anxiety for boarding

- No excessively vocal dogs for boarding

- Crate trained is preferred

- Your dog can not be destructive in the home

Remember your dog is a guest in our home.

Our personal space, ourselves and the other quests require respect, therefore your dog must adhere to the House Rules list.

Contact US

Interested in joining the pack? Contact us by phone, email, social media or our website to learn more!



Before setting up a day/time to meet, we require you to answer our 30 question questionnaire to help us better get to know you and your dog. 


Meet & Greet 

Once we receive your questionnaire and determine whether your dog could be a good fit, we arrange for a Meet and Greet where the client then visits our homes for a personal one-on-one meeting. Here is where we get the opportunity to meet yourself and your dog and can further discuss what you can expect for our services. Following a successful Meet and Greet, your pup can join the walking roster! Note: Our personal dogs or other boarding dogs will not be present for the Meet and Greet. 


Trial Boarding Night

If you are requesting to board your dog with us and they are not a regular attendee on our roster, a trial boarding night is required. Your dog will spend one night with us to determine if all parties are a good fit. If the trial night is a success, your pup can join the boarding roster!

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Get in Touch

We are ready to meet your best friend!

(905) 691-8477 or (905) 912-1337


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