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Will my dog interact with other dogs who are not PVPC pack members?

No. We do not allow client dogs to interact with dogs who have not been screened through our Meet and Greet process. We are adamant about keeping our clients safe while in our care. We do not know the vaccination history or behaviour of non-PVPC pack members, therefore we do our best to avoid all contact with other dogs while out walking the streets or on trails. We do not visit dog parks with our pack members!

How many dogs does PVPC walk at once?

Our walks typically consist of six dogs per walk. We sometimes walk more, sometimes less, yet six we find is a suitable number for both walker and dogs. Our lead system comfortably holds six, which allows ample space for each dog to walk without feeling crowded. We can also modify our leads to accommodate different speeds of walking, therefore dogs with a slower stride can trot comfortably behind. 

If there is an emergency will PVPC take my dog to the vet?

If an incident should occur, PVPC will contact the client prior to taking their dog to the vet. If we can not get a hold of the client in an emergency situation, we will take your dog to the vet and follow the precautionary measures outlined on our Vet Release Form. If your dog is boarding with us, we recommended clients have their credit card on file with their veterinarian incase of an emergency. We also recommend the client allow us authorization to agree to veterinary care if the client is not easily accessible. 

Does PVPC allow intact dogs?

We do not allow intact dogs into our boarding program. We do welcome intact dogs into our walking roster if they can be paired with appropriate companions. If the behaviour of an intact male becomes problematic, we will discontinue services. Intact females during heat will be paused from the walking roster.  

My dog is a puller. Will PVPC still walk them?

PVPC uses tools to help with dogs who have the tendency to pull on the lead. If your dog is a powerful breed, we will implement tools for safety and control. Excessive pulling can cause physical strain on walkers, therefore we use tools to help protect ourselves to ensure our physical longevity in this field.

Does PVPC do solo walks?

PVPC does not currently accommodate solo walks during the week. We do however walk dogs solo on weekends by appointment only. Consistent availability on weekends is not guaranteed.

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