Membership Rates

Piscine du Village de Pointe-Claire – PVPC

Membership rates for Pointe Claire residents and non-residents are listed here: Please visit the pool directly for membership registration or email for more details.  Download the membership and lesson registration forms and submit with payment.  Don’t forget, your membership includes access to swimming lessons, programs, special events, additional member only free swim hours! 

PVPC 2018 Formulaire dinscription – Registration Form

PVPC 2018 Formulaire dinscription lecons natation – Registration Form Swimming Lessons

PVPC 2018 La Voie Olympic Programme de Natation – Olympic Way Swimming Levels

Please note: membership fees are established jointly by the Pointe-Claire Outdoor Pool Committees.

PVPC address: Alexandre-Bourgeau Park, 5A Sainte-Anne Avenue, Pointe Claire

Drop-in rates are:
(Please note: drop in hours are only available during free-swim times. See weekly schedule for more details. Non-members do not have access to the pool prior to 2pm Monday-Saturday and 12pm on Sundays).

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